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"The Top 10 Mistakes Parents of Children with Apraxia Make"

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 Discover how to get your late talking child to speak…

 …using the same techniques, supplements and therapies I have used to help my daughter to fully recover from apraxia of speech

If you are like thousands of parents to visit my site chances are you want to know:

  • why your child’s speech has not been developing normally
  • if they have verbal apraxia
  • will my child with apraxia ever talk?
  • are there any home treatments for apraxia?

For the answers to these questions and more, please keep reading.

My name is Kate,  when my daughter was two, I knew there was something wrong with her.  She did not babble or make sounds like normal babies did.  At age three she said about thirty partial words and she was diagnosed with verbal apraxia.

She began intensive speech therapy, however we saw very little progress.  At that time I began researching everything I could about verbal apraxia. Two years later after using treatments in addition to speech therapy in our own home she experienced a rapid and complete recovery!

Therefore I have decided to create this website to help thousands of other parents with children who have apraxia.

To truly understand and help your child overcome apraxia you must know:

  • the 10 early signs and symptoms of apraxia
  • the most important activity you can do with your child
  • what you need to ask to get the most out of speech therapy
  • what your child should be saying at certain ages of development
  • the most effective supplements I’ve discovered to have the greatest impact


Apraxia ExplainedInside “Apraxia Explained” we reveal everything you need to know to get your child recovering from apraxia faster without a lifetime of abnormal speech habits including:

  • what is apraxia? {page 7}
  • the top 5 symptoms of apraxia {page 9}
  • what your child should be saying {page 14}
  • the key that unlocked my daughter’s voice {page 23}
  • how to find the best speech therapist {page 20}
  • foods to avoid in treating apraxia {page35}
  • exercises that are fun and effective {page 38}
  • and much, much more!

I was so impressed with the suggestions to try in “Apraxia Explained”, they were all so easy to do at home.  My son’s speech easily doubled in a few months!

Robin from Florida

After a year and a half in speech therapy I was ready to give up, my daughter wasn’t making any progress.  After buying “Apraxia Explained” and trying just a few things, we have finally seen improvement in our daughter!

Carol from New York

Kevin’s teachers asked us what we were doing differently – his speech is really getting better – we told them the answer was in “Apraxia Explained”!

Pam & Todd, parents of Kevin age 4 from Illinois

  • spend over $20,000 on speech therapy.
  • have a lifetime of speech problems affecting all areas of life – school, career and relationship
  • spend hundreds on the wrong kind of supplements.
  • have your child develop self-esteem issues related to the inability to comminicate with others.

Without early, effective treatment your child could be missing out on top quality future opportunities having to go through life with a speech condition.

Or, you can download my eBook for only $27.00 and get to work on treating your child’s apraxia right away.

You deserve to have a child with exceptional speech but you have to take action.

Apraxia Explained eBook + Building Language Through Play bonus (limited time offer)
This essential guide written by a parent of a child with Apraxia shares in the journey of frustration and hopelessness to a full recovery from apraxia. Includes advice on finding the right speech therapist, diet changes, exercises and more. Also includes a bonus eBook, "Building Language through Play" which has advice on having fun with your child while building language skills. This is an ebook, available for instant download to your computer.
Price: $27.00
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