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Home Treatments for Apraxia

Many people wonder is it possible to treat apraxia at home?  Speech therapy can be expensive and time consuming, is it possible to just treat it at home?

For a full recovery it would not be recommended to end speech therapy with a qualified speech therapist.  It is not worth the risk of leaving your child with a lifetime speech impediment.

However, that being said, there are many things you can do for at home treatments for apraxia that will improve speech and shorten recovery time.  It is important to communicate with your child’s speech therapist and ask what exercises you can do at home and to find out what letter sounds they are working on.  You do not want to confuse or overwhelm your child with doing things differently from the speech therapist.

In addition to speech therapy, there are many other things you can do at home.  Some as simple as reading out loud to your child so they can hear proper speech.  Many other things you can do such as music therapy, supplements, play therapy, physical exercise and sign language are all outlined in the book “Apraxia Explained”.  These things are not complicated and can easily be done at home by parents to improve recover from apraxia.

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