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Supplements for Apraxia

speech therapyEnough can’t be said about proper nutrition to build a healthy body with a strong immune system. Feeding children well balanced meals with healthy snacks is essential for life long health. However, children with developmental issues have special nutritional needs. A good quality multi-vitamin is very important.

In addition, growing brains need essential fatty acids (EFAs). They assist our nervous system and brain to complete neurotransmissions throughout our bodies. So basically they send messages from our brain to our muscles and assist those muscles in receiving these messages and acting upon them. EFA’s are available in our diet by eating fish and nuts, however most people do not consume enough of these foods and there is ongoing concern with mercury pollution in fish products. Another factor is consumption of trans fats, if you do intake trans fats you will get little effect from fish oils or any EFA’s for that matter because the trans-fatty acids block the absorption of the EFA’s. Thus we are best to avoid processed foods in our diets to avoid the trans fats and hydrogenated oils.

Research has shown positive results with the use of EFA’s for the treatment of many brain disorders such as ADHD, depression and dyslexia. Anecdotal evidence suggested that giving EFA supplements to children with apraxia resulted in surges of language development. The supplements you use should have a combination of DHA, EPA and GLA. It is available in liquid form and in gel caps. Some children are able to swallow the gel caps on there own or quickly drink the liquid form of it. If not it can be mixed with juice, applesauce, cooked cereal, etc. Just see what works best for your child.

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