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kids at speech therapyYou have noticed that your young child isn’t talking as much as his same-aged playmates, you are concerned – what do you do now? who do you contact?

To begin with your child’s speech should be screened at their well child check ups by their doctor.  You should definitely voice your concerns to the doctor.  They will then refer you to a speech therapist for a full evaluation.  It is important to have a doctor’s referral in order for insurance to pay for the evaluation.  It is also important to check with your insurance company that the speech therapist is covered by your insurance.  Most states have an early intervention or age 0 – 3 program that your child may qualify for free services depending on age and abilities.

A speech therapist will work with your doctor and possibly other professionals to determine a diagnosis of apraxia.  There are many other causes of speech delays, that is why it is important to have an expert give their professional opinion to determine the best possible treatment.

Speech therapy is the main form of treatment for apraxia of speech.  It is essential for a full recovery from apraxia that you find a speech therapist that works well with you and your child.  It can be a lengthy and intensive process, but worth it to overcome a lifetime of speech issues.

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8 Responses to “Speech Therapy”

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  • Teresa:

    My sons new speech therapist believes he is showing signs of apraxia and mentioned that its resistant to speech therapy. I’m very concerned as another therapist said at this time he wasn’t showing signs of apraxia.

    Everything, that I have researched is that there is treatment for apraxia and with this therapist saying that its resistant to treatment, should I be looking for someone else? Help

  • Laura:

    I need to find some sort of free therapy for my 2 1/2 year old son. I think he is suffering from Apraxia.

  • Nancy:

    Thank you for all of the excellent suggestions and help. My grandson has received therapy and has made great progress.

  • stephanie:

    I have a 4 yr old that shows sign of apraxia and has not been diagnosed. she has been receiving speech therapy through children’s mercy. as well as with the public school…I am currently unhappy with the schools IEP plan… but i don’t want to be on my soap box all night long. But here is my advice on the topic in general. If you believe your child has a speech delay of any sort have them fully evaluated for hearing and speech…either with the school district or a university. Preferably a university. talk to your pediatrician about a referral. DO NOT DELAY! I had to place my daughter on a long waiting list for services. As far as money there are grants and scholarships available that you may qualify for… although it might not always be free. But that’s a sacrifice we make as parents. And when it comes to any type of treatment that you disagree with, be prepared to fight until you get what is best for your child.

    P.s.Teresa- my understanding is that treatment for apraxia will not harm a child. It is a method of how to produce each sound that letters make in different positions. as well as how to make transitions from one sound to another. It covers the movement of the mouth, lips, and tongue to create each sound. you could talk to the therapist about what plan she would like to prepare for your child and see how you feel about that plan. and if there is still any doubt in your mind have a private evaluation done.

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